Jim Holden

Founder / Executive Director, Western Region

Jim Holden is the founder of Fish for Life. He lives in San Clemente, California with his beautiful wife Sue of 33 years and proud father of two daughters, Heather & Hailey.  Jim is originally from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and since a young man has always been an avid salt water fisherman. He has organized many Fish for Life fishing trips since 2010 and believes there is only one way to serve God and that is  by serving others.

John 15:12 “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”

“Bringing Dignity, Inclusion and New Possibilities to Special Needs Children!”

Here is what you can expect….

Each participant is introduced and invited to walk down the red carpet.

Our honored guests are assigned to a loving Fishing Team Leader who will help them throughout the day.

Each trip includes 1-2 volunteer photographers capturing great shots of all the action.

Trophies are awarded to each child one at a time by their Fishing Team Leader.

Fisherman’s Landing

San Diego, Ca


The Dolphin is 85 ft. x 26 ft., has the most deck and galley space and is the smoothest riding Half Day boat in California.

2838 Garrison St. San Diego, CA 92106


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