Board of Directors

Jim Holden
Founder, Executive Director 

Dave Shahoian
Chief Financial Officer

Brian Caughlin

Jeff Smith
Photography Director

Anne Marie
Food & Beverage Director

Kyle Pacek
Board Member / Actor

Jordan Chantel
Social Media

Carrie Wilson
Marine Biologist

Executive Director / Eastern Region

Jesse Gemberling-Johnson
Executive Director 

Jesse is at the helm organizing trips on the East Coast starting in 2021. He is a former Infantry Officer with the 2nd Battalion 5th Marines. Jesse holds a Bachelor’s degree in business management from Gettysburg College, a graduate certificate in organizational behavior from Harvard University Extension School. Jesse is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in organizational dynamics at the University of Pennsylvania.


Jeffery Kutcher

Heather Holden
Food Crew

Hailey Holden
Food Crew

Ty Wilde
Fishing Team Leader

Steve Beuerlein
Fishing Team Leader

Scott Pierce
Fishing Team Leader

Tony Gonzalez
Fishing Team Leader

Dave Baldwin
Fishing Team Leader