I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for having Joey and me on your Fish for Life experience on Saturday.   I really wasn’t sure what to expect, and frankly was a little worried that some of the young folks could have had difficulty on a fishing boat.  Well, how wrong I was! Everyone had a blast.  All of the honored guests caught fish (the fish were considerate enough to cooperate) and for one, I certainly was humbled.  It was a unique experience just to have been on the boat with so many that otherwise would not have a fishing experience.  I know Joey had a great time and caught a lot of fish but I was moved to see others, many with more debilitating conditions that were also totally charged up. My hat is off to the Captain, crew, and all of the very giving volunteers who helped put this event together. You have done something very important here and I am honored to have been able to attend with Joey. Again, thank you.

Rick DeMartinoJoey’s Dad

Thank you for spreading the love to Josh and I today. The whole experience was a blessing.  We felt completely honored not only as guests but as part of the family.  All the volunteers had a beautiful heart toward the kids and parents.  We loved the prayers and that God has worked through you to glorify Him through your ministry.  The red carpet entry was so exciting, the special speakers brought perspective , the morning music was entertaining, the t-shirts are beautiful and will be worn with pride and great memories, the food was wonderful and plentiful and kept coming.  The hats were a surprise. The trophy made Josh feel so special.  The photographers were everywhere and we look forward to experiencing the trip again through their lenses. The fishing was VERY GOOD….we actually caught some fish.  Josh was so excited by everyones catches and loved reeling his fish in!  Most of all there was lots of Godly love and smiles.

Tony WittJosh’s Dad

Words can never express our sincerest appreciation for the amazing Fish for Life event last Saturday in Chicago. You made not only our day but our life! The event was well organized, executed and fun. The volunteers were all very pleasant and gave so much of themselves. We were blessed by the entire event. Thank you for sharing your heart of gold with the rest of the world. The Lord has great plans for this organization. Again, thank you very much.

Jeremiah Whitt & Kandis Heckler

This experience meant alot to our family, It was such a JOY to see David Jr. and the Happiness this experience has brought him. He loved every minute of his day. I was so happy that all of your volunteers were so wonderful with all of the children and with David, It was a great experience for him and I. He loved fishing with the Fish for Life. We look forward to getting the picture book he will absolutely cherish it forever. again thank you for doing this for our Military family and we thank all of the Volunteers.

Julie WestlindDavid’s Mom

George was so happy just to be able to go on a boat and when he caught a fish his face just lit up with joy. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to let him experience this trip, this is something we would have not of tried if it wasn’t for this setting. Fish for Life has wonderful staff, people who didn’t give awkward stares we are used to when he got scared and began to cry from the loud noises instead they showed us understanding and kindness. Weather we were sitting in the galley or fishing they the staff was interested in him having a great time and I am so thankful for that. This trip has meant so much to him, he is so proud of his trophy and tells everyone about the fish he petted and the boat he was on. Thank you so much for letting us be apart of fish for life I know this is a trip he will remember forever.

Jamie SuritaGeorge’s Mom

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for a wonderful experience this past weekend. My husband, Tom, and our son, Chris, had a fabulous time on the boat with your team on Saturday. Chris caught 4 fish! As if the dolphins weren’t enough! 🙂 It means so much to families like ours to know that people care. We do not live typical lives and find even the most ordinary tasks to be challenging sometimes. You and your crew looked beyond the obstacles to see the value in the experience and expand the horizons of so many in the process. You are a blessing and we are forever grateful. Thank you. (Grateful mother of two boys on the Autism Spectrum)

Bonnie SmithChris’s Mom

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for a great day!! It was just wonderful. Devin had a great day! She will never forget this day and she can’t stop talking about her fish.

Debbie HaffeyDevin’s Mom

Elias and my husband had a wonderful time last Saturday!! You guys did an amazing job and we truly felt everybody’s love towards all the kids! It was a very blessed day!

Janelle BentancourtElias’s Mom

Thank you so much for providing us such a wonderful fishing trip experience to our family. We never thought we, especially our son, Alex, would enjoy it so much (he was excited that he actually caught 3 small fish!). Brian, our designated fisherman, was awesome and very patient with all of us! The whole trip was well thought and organized. We will treasure the memories and definitely will be more comfortable to start fishing with Alex on our own. Thank again to you, your family and ll the volunteers for all of your generosity and kindness! Thanks.

Jenny TranAlex’s Mom

As my wife mentioned in her previous email, Elias and I had a GREAT time and want to thank you and your volunteers from the bottom of our hearts for taking on this idea and creating what I see as one of the greatest experiences a special needs child could have in their lifetime. From the pre-boarding announcements, red carpet, size of boat, prayer before heading to sea :), the experienced loving and caring volunteers, Fish for Life shirts, snacks (fruit), lunch & drinks … We have been fortunate to take Elias on other organized outings involving special needs children, but this by far was FIRST CLASS. I wish you, your family and team continued success with expanding this program.  It was truly a magical day!

Earl R. BentancourtElias’s Dad

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I just wanted to thank you and all responsible again for the wonderful opportunity extended to us. Besides the time on the water, from the red carpet introductions, to the gifts at the end, and everything in between, it was a witness to the level of service and labor of love to create memories that will last a lifetime.

John Ley

My little girl had the time of her life today, she also caught her first fish! Words cannot express my gratitude, Thank You!

Brad Gill, USMC