My name is Jim Holden, the founder of Fish for Life. I live in San Clemente, California and am an avid salt water fisherman. I have a dear friend, Jeffrey Kutcher who has cerebral palsy.

Jeffrey and I have had many lunches over the years and often times we have talked about fishing. During one lunch in 2009 I asked Jeffrey, “Let’s go do something besides lunch some day, what would you like to do?” Well with a big smile Jeffrey replied “I’d love to go fishing!”

On the way back to the office that day from lunch with Jeffrey a calling was revealed!

The ideas started rolling in- one after another! Ideas like:

  • Why not take a BOATLOAD of kids with Cerebral Palsy fishing?!
  • Why limit the trips to kids with cerebral palsy, why not include kids with any type special need?!
  • Involve a crew of non-special needs kids & adult volunteers to serve them!
  • Include speakers before the trip to honor our honored guests and their families!
  • Provide everyone aboard with a cool T-Shirt to wear on the trip!
  • Have someone or a group to sing the National Anthem to honor our country!
  • How about rolling a Red Carpet down the gangplank to introduce each honored guest!
  • What about a name for this program, how about Fish for Life!

As plans were developing, I told Jeff that I wanted to make him business cards with the title of his choice.  I suggested “First Mate” or “Crew” or a variety of other titles and then after deep consideration Jeff produced a big smile and said, “Inspirer”!

Since the maiden voyage in 2010, we have launched 29 Fish for Life trips with 100 people aboard per voyage!

“We’re spreading the LOVE one boat at a time!”